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Dr. Robert Leigh

iCat 3D Imaging

MIS Implant

Dental Implant Radiograph

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Course Participants

Leigh Smile Center - Westlock Alberta

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Implant Crowns

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Suturing Techniques

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Implant Positioning

Analyse, evaluate and prepare the site for Implant placement with iCat 3D Imaging.


Transfer Impression

Transfer Impression techniues involved in accurate transfer implassions.



Restoring the site -- complications arising from difficult implant angles.


Impression Transfert

This site is specifically designed for Dentists, Denturists, and other Dental Professionals only. The website contains images of surgical procedures. Patients looking for general dental information about Dental Implants, or the Leigh Smile Center, should visit


Impression Transfers

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Comprehensive Dental Implant Program

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Safe and Predictable Dental Options

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Dental Implant Courses are now available for the 2021 Course Year. Make a reservation now for a truly unique Course, with Dr. Leigh and Live Surgeries.

Dentist Course Registration

The Western Implant Training Center functions on a year-round basis as part of the Leigh Smile Center. Dr. Leigh has designed the Course specifically to accommodate small groups of Dentists and their Staff. This allows for a more personalized approach to the learning process. The Course is also designed as a 4-Day Full Immersion experience in a Full-time Implant Practice. This experience allows the Participants to see, in real time, how an Implant practice operates.

For security reasons, we do not request or accept financial information over our website on the Internet. We request that Course Participants contact our Dental Implant Course Coordinator (Corie) directly. Alternatively, FAX the Course Registration sheet to our office, or scan the form, and email it as an attachment.

                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

TUITION:    DENTIST:        $4,500 (CAN) for All Four Days.
                      STAFF:          $   500 (CAN) per Staff Member for All Four Days. 

See details on the Registration Form.

We accept Cheque, Visa Visa Card, or MasterCard Mastercard

To contact our Dental Implant Course Coordinator directly, please see the information below:

Phone: 1-780-349-6700 or 1-888-877-0737 (Toll Free)
Ask for
Corie (Dental Implant Course Coordinator)

To FAX or email the Registration Form, please click on and print the .pdf file below:
Dentist Course Registration PDF

FAX to: 1-780-349-2626

Sample Registration Form Below:

      Dentist Registration Form


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