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Below is a sample of comments from Dentists and Denturists who have taken a Dental Implant Course with Dr. Leigh at the Western Implant Training Center (formerly the Rocky Mountain Smile Center).

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Course Participants

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Aanalyse, evaluate and prepare the site for Implant placement with iCat 3D Imaging.


Learn Transfer Impression techniques involved in accurate transfer impressions.


Restoring the site -- dealing with complications arising from difficult implant angles.


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"Hi Rob, Anita, and Staff,
Thought I should write you a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed the program. It was possibly the best course I have taken, and I came away from it with a lot of useful information, which I plan to use in my practice. My Assistant, Lilly, who attended with me is a changed person. She really appreciated the time your staff spent showing her the set up and sterilizing procedures you undertake when doing implants. Again, a fantastic course that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning about implants. It was a pleasure meeting everyone, and I hope to see you at meetings in the future. Thanks again."
Dr. Jim Brass, Comox, British Columbia, Former President of the British Columbia Dental Association."The information and hands-on skills that I have gained during this course helped me to evaluate, diagnose and safely place and restore dental implants. Highly recommend this program!" Dr. Alla Dekterov, Stony Plain, Alberta

"I have never seen such a talented and experienced G.P. in Implant Dentistry. I strongly recommend Dr. Leigh's courses if you are interested in Implant Dentistry." Dr. Sean Lee, Calgary, Alberta "I learned a lot of valuable information and techniques during the 5-day mini-residency with Dr. Leigh. It was an amazing and enjoyable learning experience to be able to observe the live-surgery from very close with a step-by-step explanation. I appreciated his modesty and his great personality, which made him easy to approach whenever there were questions, or just for a casual conversation. The staff was also very friendly and knowledgeable. After taking the course, I felt very prepared for my first implant placement in all aspects including materials/equipment to order, how to train my staff, and self-confidence. Thank you Implant Smiles Team!"  Dr. Yoshiki Ishihara, Montreal, Quebec.

"I wanted to write you and share how much I enjoyed the week in your office. It was a great learning experience for me, adding depth and perspective, in my relatively early implant journey.
You kept us busy with theory, case reviews, hands on model practice and best of all plenty of chair-side, over-the-shoulder observation, the whole week long. It was loaded with cases of various types. All of this was delivered in a professional yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You are a kind and gifted teacher. Your staff were all excellent team members. If I could use one word to sum up the week, I would choose 'INTEGRITY'. This is because of your genuine desire to share your wealth of expertise and knowledge by teaching it so completely in such a positive way, and secondly by your demonstration of doing the very best in technique with the goal of getting the best results possible for each and every patient, day in and day out. There were never any shortcuts or compromises; it was always about doing what was best for your patients - something I admire very much. Lastly, integrity comes to mind again because it was by your generosity to the AAID educational/scholarship foundation silent auction that I came to have the opportunity to find out about and attend your course. Heartfelt thanks - I hope we see each other again soon." Dr. Greg Konotopetz, Regina, Saskatchewan.

"I wanted to take a moment to share the impact of your kindness and expertise on my life and the lives of those close to me. As a restorative dentist with 20+ years experience I've been responsible for enabling patients to act in their own best interest. Restoring dental implants has been one of the most predictable and enjoyable solutions I've offered. However, I've often found myself struggling to restore fixtures placed in less than optimal positions. I've long known that it was necessary for me to acquire the skills to safely and reliably place fixtures in my own office.

The decision to come to Westlock, Alberta was one I labored over. I was looking for an education based on real life practice conditions rather than ivory tower, referral based conditions. I live in a mountain community of only 10,000 people with blue collar roots and attitudes. Dentistry is often viewed as a tremendous luxury so my success in this endeavor was dependent on my ability to correctly diagnose those cases I could treat and to render the care with safety, predictability and affordability. I needed my support team to gain the insights necessary to properly educate the patient and assist in all aspects of their care. This included aseptic technique in a general dental practice facility, patient consultation, imaging, purchasing, marketing and financial arrangements, not to mention the infrastructure to track these sometimes complicated cases. I was opposed to attending a course specifically sponsored by an implant manufacturer or taught by someone who holds an interest in an implant manufacturer. These criteria ultimately led me to Dr. Leigh.

Westlock is a friendly and humble town and after a long journey from Montana, my wife, my senior dental assistant and I settled into a local hotel and excitedly speculated on what the next week might bring. The next morning Anita and Dr. Leigh welcomed us warmly into a practice facility much like our own. Instead of a long lecture, we were asked to scrub in for surgery. Literally within moments we were assisting with placement of a single implant on a patient, much like our own, by a team, much like our own, in a town, much like our own. We began PRACTICING aseptic technique rather than just STUDYING it - a critical difference. Dr. Leigh's unassuming nature was always gentle and kind towards his patients, his team, his students, and his wonderfully warm and gifted wife Anita. Between patients, we studied countless cases all accomplished by Dr. Leigh and meticulously documented. These cases illustrated the critical differences between simple and complex, safe and risky. The prosthetic and laboratory support was delivered and repeated enough to make it second nature by the time we left. Dr. Leigh's credentials spoke volumes and the principles he taught were all backed by research and references. His enthusiasm for his work was infectious. After a few hours, my assistant whispered to me, "You can't pay anyone to share so willingly". She of course was referring to the ceaseless open flow of information between Dr. Leigh's entire organization and our little team. Never were we made to feel unwelcome, stupid, clumsy or in the way. Instead, we made some wonderful new friends.

After one day in his office, our lives were forever changed. After a week in his office, the lives of our patients were forever changed. We left feeling exhausted, thrilled and ready to get our implant practice off the ground. It took exactly one month to adequately prepare our office to place implants. Anita and the wonderful staff assisted us with resources, logistics, and moral support. My assistant was even receiving personal emails from her new Canadian friends. With our systems in place, I confidently (but with trembling hands) placed my first fixture. During my follow-up call that evening, my patient who happened to be a nurse commented, "...it was so simple - I'm completely comfortable and so impressed". The success of that surgery pulled us forward to the next, then the next and so it goes. Within months of our initial education, we're discussing implants with our patients on a daily basis. It is definitely a new challenge and I have much to learn, but I got off to a great start with Dr. Leigh. I purchased and read the textbooks he recommended and have become a part of organized implant dentistry at his intense urging. I'm planning to study with some of his mentors, Duke Heller and Mike Picos. Most importantly, I'm gaining the skills and confidence to care for those whom dentistry has left behind; the dental cripples whose fear and embarrassment has kept them from the dental office until it's too late. Instead of condemning them to a medieval solution like a denture, we can provide them with the comfort and dignity that everyone deserves. I write this testimonial filled with joy, as it's rare to experience the intense purity of purpose that we witnessed in Dr. Leigh's office. For anyone whose educational criteria parallel mine. I encourage you to commit to working with Dr. Leigh and his team. Stop thinking about it and just do it." Dr. Steve Davidson. Libby, Montana

"As a dental student, I had the chance to shadow Dr. Leigh for a few weeks.  I was very impressed with the work of Dr. Leigh.  He is clearly an expert at implant dentistry.  What surprised me the most, however, was the quality of Dr. Leigh's teaching.  He took the time to explain every detail of the procedures.  He had no problem answering any of my questions. To put it simply, he is a natural teacher and mentor.  If you are a student, Dentist, or Denturist, I recommend learning from Dr. Leigh. I just wanted to ... thank (Dr. Leigh) for the past few weeks. I am still shocked at how much I learned from (him).  I am also pleased with how excited I am now to learn even more about implants. (He) definitely has a top notch clinic." Isaac Day, 3rd Year Dental Student, University of Alberta Dental School, Edmonton, Alberta.

"Thank you very much for the week spent in Westlock. The Course surpassed my highest expectations in all regards. Rob and his Team provide an excellent, laid back and fun Teaching Center. The door is opening to an aspect of Dentistry I have not much considered prior to this experience. Again, thank you to all. It was a pleasure to witness how smoothly your Team operates." Dr. Matt Mailloux, Ayer's Cliff, Quebec.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for the great mini-residency course, it was everything I expected, and even more. As a prosthodontist my main focus was learning everything I could about the prosthetics and maybe somewhere in the future, start placing the implants. But during the course, due to your vast knowledge in the area and the confidence that you inspire in the attendees through your willingness to share every single detail, my vision changed about dental implants, and now I am fully confident to offer the implant treatment to my patients. I plan to place the implants myself. To you and your staff, my gratitude for making me feel at home. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in dental implants, based on Dr. Leigh's knowledge in the field, the amount of information that is given through binders, presentations, lectures ... but most of all the opportunity to be part of a practice that is entirely devoted to implant dentistry and to be able to see every detail of the process. Sincerely, your friend," Dr. Jorge Eugenio Montes de Oca Manrique, Specialist in Prosthodontics, Veracruz, Mexico.

"After restoring implants for a number of years, I started placing implants after taking an excellent hands on course. After successfully placing and restoring a number of implants, I knew I needed to get to the next level. For that reason I searched out the course that would best suit my needs, and began with Dr. Leigh. He not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Thanks to Dr. Leigh and his Staff for the wonderful Course and for making me feel at home. I learned a lot and will continue to stay in touch." Dr. Bill Armstrong, Cumberland, British Columbia.

"I want to thank you for a marvelous weekend.  Your SP1 Introduction to Dental Implants was one of the best courses I have attended in my 30 years of dentistry.  The amount and quality of information delivered was amazing.  I found it really valuable to see the implants being placed and see the little problems that always seem to arise and on the fly solutions to those problems.  I have taken many other implant courses that have given me valuable information, but not live patient cases which make you think and ask questions that wouldn’t come up in a purely lecture format.  Your extensive knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge are much appreciated.  I would also like to thank your staff who were incredible.  What a team!" Wayne Peterson, DMD, Moscow, Idaho, USA.

"I had a great interest in implant dentistry for a couple of years. For that I’ve been to a few introductory implants  seminars, and did some reading on my own. Then I went to the mini-residency program at the Leigh Smile Center. I must say, it was far more than what I had expected and definitely the most worthy trip for continuing education I’ve made. Dr. Leigh is an extraordinary tutor and gentleman. His knowledge and willingness to share it is overwhelming. One of the most unique effects this course had on me was the friendly and family warm conduct that Dr. Leigh and all his staff had; which made me absolutely comfortable to ask any questions  along the course and have welcoming answers. After this course I feel fully confident to include implant treatment to my patients. Finally I want to say: absolutely recommended for all levels of interests in implant  dentistry."  Ali Majid Al-Douri, DDS. Trinidad and Tobago.

"In December 2006 I participated in the first segment of Dr. Leigh's six day course on Implants.  During the subsequent six days of this course I was very impressed by the vast amount of training that Dr. Leigh has had during his years of placing implants.  It was also impressive to see the variety and high volume of cases the Dr. Leigh has completed to date.  He is extremely experienced and it is very evident when observing him at work.  As an educator he is first rate.  He is also very skilled with his teaching style which enables his students to absorb the information that he puts forth.  He has an excellent support staff that are a wealth of knowledge who always answered any questions that were asked.  The facility of Dr. Leigh's is located in Westlock, Alberta which is an excellent setting for learning.  His down to earth, one on one, hands-on approach makes learning a pleasurable experience. I highly recommend Dr. Leigh's course for anyone who is interested in adding dental implants into their practice." Dr. B.J. Sadasivaiah, B.Sc., D.D.S., Calgary, Alberta.

"Dr. Leigh is very skilled and has the ability to diagnose implant as well as prosthetic considerations for his patients ... I feel that Robert (Leigh) is a credit to our profession; he adds maturity as well as sincerity to those that his life touches. Dr. Leigh has a great desire to help people and this is obvious as you watch him work." Dr. Alfred L. (Duke) Heller, Past President American Board of Oral Implantology, Director A.B.O.I., Honoured Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology, Founder and Director, Midwest Implant Institute (Columbus, Ohio)

"I first became interested in dental implants when I was asked to restore implants in the esthetic zone. The surgery performed by other dental professionals was less than ideal, causing me to ask more questions about an area of dentistry (Implants) I knew nothing about. The lab that I deal with for all of my esthetic restorative cases referred me to the Leigh Smile Center. I started to take courses at the Leigh Smile Center directed by Dr. Leigh. His staff was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. What started out as an inquiry, so that I could restore implants esthetically, became an obsession. Dr. Leigh changed my focus and I became very enthusiastic and excited about placing implants myself. I attended the Leigh Smile Center with many of my own patients, who all speak very highly of Dr. Leigh's professional, caring and kind manner. I placed my first two implants two weeks ago and I look forward to more courses held at the Leigh Smile Center. Dr. Leigh is very accommodating, and shares willingly his numerous years of experience in the field of Implantology. Thank you Dr. Leigh for your mentorship and help! Dr. Nat Podilsky, Edmonton, Alberta, Member American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Graduate Las Vegas Institute, Gold and Bronze Medal Smile Competition Winner (A.A.C.D. National Convention, Nashville, 2005). Member A.A.I.D.

"Ten working days after taking this course, I placed my first implant and temporary crown -- in the esthetic zone. Prior to meeting Dr. Leigh, implants were completely foreign to my practice. Dr. Leigh changed that in a 48 hour period. His vast knowledge and experience was unbelievable. I felt like a sponge trying to soak up every ounce of information I could. The experience I gained from this weekend changed my thinking on treatment planning, opened my mind to the possibilities that implants create, and gave me the confidence to place these wonderful little screws. Dr. Leigh was there to guide me prior to my first surgery and has been a continuing resource since then. He is a great mentor and friend. If you are serious about implants, you have to take this course. Dr. Leigh and his staff are incredible. They are a fantastic team and their enthusiasm is contagious." Dr. Aaron L. Snidal, D.M.D. Carman, Manitoba. Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Associate Fellow of the A.A.I.D.

"I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for such a wonderful Implant Course. I wanted to have a more clinical setting for my learning experience ... and was very surprised at your willingness to tailor the course to my needs. Your Staff is wonderful, and they were so helpful and friendly. You were eager throughout the course to answer my questions and frequently asked if I had any other areas which I would like to have covered. Needless to say, you covered everything I could imagine. I also appreciated your training aids ... and have used them in my office. Being able to observe you placing osseous implants, and then seeing them restored on your patients was extremely valuable. Your training was far beyond my expectations." Dr. Bob Lorenz, Louisville, Colorado, U.S.A.

"Dr. Leigh welcomed me into his office to train in Implant Dentistry. I left his office with a confidence of the procedure due to his great talent and teaching skills. I would highly recommend him for your Implant Dentistry needs." Dr. Norman Elloway, D.D.S., Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Novato, California, U.S.A.


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